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Cloud Computing for Higher Education

Ithaca, NY Achieving a balance between available resources and creative initiatives is a long-standing task for colleges and universities. Educause has released a brief, “7 Things You Should Know About Cloud Computing” that aims to inform university IT managers about how to plan and budget for leveraging cloud technologies to provide local services through the Internet. The brief includes an overview of typical use scenarios, basic explanations such as how cloud computing workflows are structured, as well as advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing and ideas about how the universtiy IT paradigm might evolve.
“Operating in a cloud environment requires IT leaders and staff to develop different skills, such as managing contracts, overseeing integration between in-house and outsourced services, and mastering a different model of IT budgets. Cloud services might facilitate inter-institutional collaboration because they are more easily accessed by students and faculty at disparate institutions.”
While the policies and practices that will assist colleges and universities in taking full advantage of cloud computing are in the works, it is clear that mainstream adoption of distributed cloud computing will increasingly affect private, non-profit and educational enterprises. Download the Educause “7 Things” brief here: