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Solution Community: Preserving Future Knowledge

Camden, NJ Ron Janz, Steward for the Preservation and Archiving Solution Community, and data librarian for Rutgers Libraries, has added “Preservation and Archiving Sites” to their Wiki as examples of repositories that have policies in place that define and articulate criteria or indicators of trustworthiness and reliability for digital repositories.
The mission of the Fedora Preservation and Archiving Solution Community is to establish the community framework to develop and support the preservation needs of the users of Fedora-based software including scientists, scholars, archivists, librarians, educators, and managers. The scope of the community’s effort will be the complete life cycle of the digital object, independent of format, structure, or content. Through a collaborative process, the Preservation and Archiving Solution Community will leverage existing capabilities from the Fedora community, and from the larger community that is involved in digital preservation. The ultimate objective of the group will be to develop the preservation architecture and comprehensive preservation capabilities including frameworks and supporting technologies that can be used selectively. If you are interested in digital preservation, please consider joining the community listserv at