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New Fedora-based Solution Offerings from Sun and its Partners

Mountainview, CA Sun has introduced two new solutions that combine the Fedora Repository and the Sun Open Archive Framework. Based on open source software and industry-standard hardware, the Sun Open Archive Framework controls costs, providing long-term sustainability and enabling you to future-proof your digital assets.
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• Enterprise-Wide Digital Repository and Archive solution
• Research and BioScience Digital Repository and Archive solution
Both offerings leverage the Islandora work done by the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI, Islandora links Drupal with Fedora. It provides an easy, powerful way to create custom web sites with an organizations unique content and branding and offers fine control over access to research collections and individual data assets. Adding the Fedora Repository to the solution’s core provides durability to the content with complete separation between data and presentation or transformation of data while also enabling seamless sharing of content with other applications.
The Sun Open Archive Framework’s Preservation Software layer adds robust storage protection (such as data integrity checking, replication and more) and data handling, while Sun Open Storage devices are the most cost effective and easily deployed storage available. See
Record-setting performance numbers
To help you determine the best server/storage configurations for your data load, Sun and Fedora  are conducting on-going data ingest and data access performance testing. Preliminary results can be viewed here
To learn more or to find a Sun reseller partner in your area who can provide these “out of the box” solutions, please contact me directly at: subject “Sun/Fedora Information Request.” Contributed by Gail Truman, Sun Microsystems, Open Archive Business Development Manager