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Fedora Repository 3.2.1 Now Available

Ithaca, NY The current release of Fedora Repository is 3.2.1 is a minor upgrade that addresses a security issue discovered in Fedora 3.2.  If you are running Fedora 3.2, please see Upgrading from 3.x. If you are running Fedora 2.x, see Upgrading from 2.x. Full release notes are available here:
Although Fedora 3.2.1 is a minor release, we hope that you will find its included features and fixes a major boon to your repository installation. With the help of the Fedora community in identifying defects, contributing patches, and providing valuable input in driving the direction of new development, this release is a reflection of the dedication of many hands.
Included within is the long-awaited, web-based administrative client, initial integration with the emerging Akubra storage-abstraction layer, many useful bug fixes, and the experimental release of a Fedora decoupled from the familiar ‘fedora’ context path.
Take it for a spin, and make sure you keep the feedback coming.