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Live Web Event: “All About Repositories: All About DSpace”

Boston, MA Join a free “All About Repositories” web seminar sponsored by Sun, Fedora Commons, DSpace and SPARC on June 3, 2009 that will focus on the popular DSpace open source software for creating an institutional repository. Currently there are over 500 organizations using DSpace to enable access to their research output and other content. If your organization is interested in making research output or digital content openly accessible, then DSpace software might be the perfect platform for you.
This webinar will provide an overview of the software, how to get started using DSpace, and information about where you can get additional help. DSpace was originally developed by Hewlett Packard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2001. Both organizations made the software open source so that any organization could use it for their own purposes. Please register by June 2 at