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If only one person from my institution is going to participate in the course can we get a discount on the cost?

A critical component in the course’s design is the inclusion of key players and decision makers on each institution’s team in order to maximize the benefit and ultimately, the usefulness of the team’s strategic agenda.  There is also a specific intention that course participants will benefit from the experience not just of the course’s faculty, but also their peers from other institutions. Therefore, for the benefit of each team and all participants we highly recommend that every institution have a 3 member team, one from each of the recommended categories (library administrator, data or e-science librarian, and a non-library participant -- see above for more detail). It also should be noted that the current offering of the E-Science Institute is the same course (with updates) that was designed and offered by ARL/DLF to their members and but is about half the price. At this time there is no additional funding to offer the course for any less.

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