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At OR09: Fedora Commons Scholars Workbench Solution Community Meeting

Hull, UK The Open Repositories 2009 Conference (OR09), to be held in Atlanta next week will see the launch of a Fedora Commons Solutions Community around the idea of a “Scholars Workbench.”  If you will be attending the conference please come along to the inaugural Birds of a Feather (BOF) session which will be advertised there.  Among other things we will be asking for opinions on important of issues like where best to put the apostrophe?!?  Should it be “Scholars’ or Scholar’s?”
The Community will gather existing information on how scholars use and generate information, how they manage it, and will then capture experiences that can be shared. The group will examine how digital repositories can support the management of information in the support of all aspects of scholarship. Repositories could be the core systems used, or they could underpin the use of other systems through integration with research-specific tools. How can the tools used for scholarship and research be repository-aware, and vice versa?
If you can’t join us there (and even if you can!) please bookmark the Community’s new presence on the Fedora Commons wiki at: and help us start to build this Scholars Workbench Community knowledge resource.