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Towards Interoperable Global Repositories for Research Outputs

Truro, UK  What will it take to establish global repository infrastructure to create an interoperable system of repositories for research outputs? The aim of the International Repositories Infrastructure group is to determine where work needs to be done to ‘fill in the gaps’ to meet this objective. Current efforts are focused on journal articles.
An International Repositories Workshop ( sponsored by UKOLN, Surf Foundation, DRIVER and JISC was held in Amsterdam in March which was attended by 100+ repository experts. Attendees spent two days in discussions to develop draft action plans around four themes that had been identified as areas of high priority during online discussions in this community over several months prior to the workshop.
The themes are: citation services, repository handshake (deposit systems), interoperable identification infrastructure (unambiguous identification on the web of named entities) and international repositories organisation (how the repository community organises to work together optimally).
The draft action plans are now available on a wiki ( You are invited to provide your comments and feedback on these plans. To add comments you will need to request access, which you can do by clicking on the link in the top right corner of the front page.
The front page of the wiki provides links to the supporting briefing materials developed for the online discussions and workshop, and to the action plans themselves.