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iPRES 2009: Call for Papers

“Moving Into the Mainstream, Enabling Our Digital Future” is the theme of  iPRES 2009 ( scheduled for October 5-6, 2009 in San Francisco, CA.
Digital technology has become indispensible to modernculture, commerce, science, education, and entertainment. As our dependence on the digital ecosystem increases, so does the need for effective andsustainable digital preservation policies, strategies,and practices so that the digital assets of our timewill remain viable and useful to future generations. Digital preservation is considered broadly as a continuum of intentions and activities leading tolong-lived digital assets that can be used, re-used, and re-imagined in conventional and novel contexts now and into the future.
The theme of the iPRES 2009 conferenceis “Moving into the mainstream, enabling our digitalfuture,” which is intended to spark discussion of:
•Re-positioning preservation awareness and servicesfurther upstream in the digital lifecycle so that”born-archival” replaces “born-digital” as the norm
•Re-emphasizing that digital preservation problems andsolutions encompass legal, economic, and social as wellas technological dimensions
•Re-asserting the need for comprehensive integration ofpreservation analysis and activities into theorganizational planning and operations of institutionsthat produce, manage, or exploit digital resources
•Bringing preservation issues to the attention of thebroader public in order to change minds, policies, andexpectations
•Stressing the importance of seeing digitalpreservation as an outcome resulting in usability
iPRES is a series of international conferences that seeks to address issues and further the art and scienceof digital preservation by bringing together experts and practitioners from across the spectrum of preservation disciplines. We invite you to submit papers and posters that present new research findings or novel applicationsof digital preservation, particularly those that demonstrate the mainstreaming of digital preservation activities and practices.
A selection of the outstanding papers from the iPRES2009 conference will be submitted for publication to theInternational Journal of Digital Curation>, a leading peer-reviewed journal of digital curation and preservation.
Important Dates
•June 5, 2009: Submission of paper and poster abstracts
•July 1, 2009: Notification of acceptance
•September 11, 2009: Submission of camera-ready papers
•October 5-6, 2009: iPRES 2009 conference Format and Submission
Abstracts are due on June 5, 2009, and should besubmitted to in PDF format. Paper abstracts should be between 300 and 1,000 words; posterabstracts should be between 200 and 500 words. All abstracts should include the names, titles,affiliations, and contact information for all authors. Final papers can be up to eight pages in length(including references) in the AAAI style. See for more information. Full papers, and poster and paper abstracts, will be made available to conference attendees in paper and electronic form.