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Sun in the Cloud

New York City Today, Mar 18, 2009, Sun is hosting the CommunityOne East conference at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City to announce Sun’s strategy and roadmap for its public cloud computing service. Dave Douglas and Lew Tucker are keynote speakers at the conference, and will unveil details about Sun’s strategy and roadmap for the public cloud computing space.
Sun envisions a world of many clouds – both public and private – that are open and compatible.  Sun intends to lead by example — by building a public cloud based on open source technologies; releasing APIs and other technologies for the cloud into the open arena; and fostering an open ecosystem of developers and partners around many open clouds.
Visit to sign up for the Sun Cloud Early Access and Beta programs,  and to review and comment on developing APIs.
A rich web event will be hosted at including a live chat and live and on-demand webcasts of CommunityOne content are avialable. Please contact for the HTML version or source files of the web event invitations.