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News Items from UK and Ireland Users

Fedora 3 (F3) discussion
Oxford went live with the beta version as it was much nicer to work with than version 2. They have migrated their objects and did not have any major issues with this. It was noted that if you haven’t used disseminators in version 2 then the migration is easy and you don’t necessarily need to use the conversion routine provided. There are some issues with front-end compatibility, though abstraction should make this irrelevant.NLS - painless transition from F2 to F3Durham - documentation lagged for Fedora 3 whilst they were starting on it, but it is OK nowNLW - going to use F3 for a couple of new projects this yearAcuity Unlimited - used F3 on a couple of JISC projects. They like the content model architecture and also found Mulgara a big improvement.
RSP Repository Softwares Day, 19th March 2009, Manchester
The day is intended to be an expression of functionality richness to make the case on repositories generally. Volunteers are welcome to participate and use the event to promote Fedora. The likely range of the intended audience needs to be/will be established. Please contact Chris Awre if interested and able to take part.
FedoraCommons - ThornyStaples
Thorny explained that Fedora Commons now sees itself as a company with a series of products, amongst which: Fedora itself, Akubra, Mulgara, Topaz… They are looking to provide a range of complementary solutions so that users can build and maintain ‘durable’ objects.
Fedora is setting up ‘Solution Communities’ around a range of uses: Data Curation, Preservation and Archiving, Open Access Publishing, Integration Services and, most recently, a Scholars’ Repository. A small archives solution community has been proposed by the Jewish Women’s Association: there is also some talk of whether a solution community for educational materials might be useful or whether this fits in with the scholar’s repository community.
A Duraspace pilot will potentially be live in July 2009. Duraspace is a collaboration between Fedora Commons and DSpace possibly to broker ‘cloud infrastructure’ in a way that ensures durability and which leverages the Akubra storage module.
In discussion some issues were raised on the ability to feed into Fedora community and the process involved (or lack of): would a ‘process community’ help with this? There also needs to be a way of engaging ‘real’ users, rather than technically aware users. Do the solution communities need an analyst role alongside the others? Thorny emphasised that the ’solutions’ are not necessarily system-based, but are likely to be broader than this.