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All About Repositories Webinar Series: Professional Development for Repository Managers, Developers, Curators and Decision Makers

Ithaca, NY To strengthen, engage and provide professional learning opportunities for repository user and developer communities, topics and issues of interest will be presented in an free, online web seminar series offered by DSpace Foundation, Fedora Commons and Sun Microsystems throughout 2009.
Additional information–dates, registration, and presenters–for All About Repositories Webinars will be available through DSpace, Fedora Commons and Sun web sites early in 2009.
Seminar One: DSpace and Fedora: A Collaboration Update

The DSpace Foundation and Fedora Commons came together in the summer of 2008 to work on collaborative initiatives that would serve both open source repository communities. Several directions have emerged. For example, new funding from the Mellon Foundation will allow DSpace and Fedora to jointly specify and design “DuraSpace,” a new web-based service that will allow institutions to easily distribute content to multiple storage providers, both “cloud-based” and institution-based over the next five months.
Join Michele Kimpton, Executive Director, DSpace Foundation, and Sandy Payette, Executive Director Fedora Commons for a 60 minute update on multiple dimensions of this dynamic collaboration between two of the largest providers of open source software for managing and providing access to digital content.

Seminar Two: All About Fedora

The letters in Fedora’s name stand for “Flexible, Extensible, Digital Object Repository Architecture,” and also for the idea that it’s core structure provides a robust, integrated, open source repository platform that enables storage, access and durable management of virtually any kind of digital content, “All Ways. Always.” Most developers and repository managers like those terms, but what do they really mean? How do users get started with Fedora? Who else is using it? Where can users get hands-on help with planning and implementation?
This 60 minute overview will explain what Fedora is, and offer advice on the nuts and bolts of getting started.

Seminar Three: All About DSpace
DSpace is the repository platform of choice by academia for managing an institutional repository.  Learn the basic features and functionality of DSpace, what hardware and skills it takes to set up and maintain the software, and how to customize and extend the software to meet your specific needs.
Descriptions for the following three seminars will be available in early 2009:
Seminar Four: Two Repository Platforms: Key Features of DSpace and Fedora
Seminar Five:Web Services and Repositories
Seminar Six: An Open Repositories 2009 (OR09) Preview