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Fedora at Digital Preservation Coalition Workshop

London, UK The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), the Repositories Support Project (RSP), the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and JISC held a joint workshop on December 12, 2008 entitled, “Tackling the Preservation Challenge: Practical Steps for Repository Managers,” to engage repository managers and preservation experts in sharing perspectives, requirements, problems and solutions.
Chris Awre, Integration Architect at the University of Hull, presented a preservation case study from the Fedora perspective as part of the focus on technologies for embedding preservation into repository workflows. Awre’s presentation looks at the Fedora digital object model as a component that promotes preservation and durability because its structure allows for extensible metadata management, expressive inter-object relationship architecture, OAI-PMH conformity, web service integration, version management, and configurable security. Presentations from the workshop may be downloaded here: