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CALL: JA-SIG 2009 “Higher Education Open Source Communities - Working Together”

The JA-SIG Conference Planning Committee is pleased to announce the Spring 2009 Conference to be held March 1-4 in Dallas, Texas. The call for proposals for JA-SIG 2009 ”Higher Education Open Source Communities - Working Together” is now open. Deadline for submission of proposals for half or full day seminars: November 5, 2008Deadline for submission of proposals for regular one hour sessions: December 1, 2008 Conference site:
Following the great success of last year’s conference, we are partnering with our open source community colleagues to create a forum for collaboration and learning.  Join your colleagues from Bedework, CAS, DSpace, Fedora, Fluid, Internet2, Kuali, Sakai, uPortal and other open source projects, and submit proposals for a pre-conference seminar, presentation, kiosk, BOF or poster session! We welcome your contributions in the following areas:
Community Source Management/Governance
What are best practices for managing community source projects or their deployments on campus? For encouraging adoption? For gaining acceptance and campus buy-in? For engaging your community in the processes? Presentations for managers, team leaders, executives, planners and strategists.
Design and Development
For developers, architects, UX designers, testers. Presentations for people who build community source products, use them as a development framework or want to learn more about doing so. These are technical topics, tips and techniques, how-to’s. 
Deployment and Integration
Presentations for people who need to make applications work on campus: developers, content providers, team leaders, evangelists. In particular, we would like to highlight work that integrates community source projects within the enterprise infrastructure and with each other.
Multiple Audiences
Presentations that span multiple projects or audience types. Community source project introductions and overviews. Half-day Supplementary Seminars will be held in the morning and afternoon on Sunday, March 1st as well as on Wednesday (March 4th) afternoon. Proposals may be entered on the JA-SIG Conference Website. Proposals require a Title, an Abstract (under 500 words), a Presenter Profile, and some basic affiliation information.  This year we are also asking proposal submitters to select tags that best describe their proposals from a list of recommended tags. 
Submit your proposal directly at or from the conference home page, where you can find all the details:  (Click the “Call for Proposals” link on the left).