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A Fedora/Solr Digital Library for Oxford’s ‘Forced Migration Online’

Oxford, UK The new “Digital Library” tab on the Forced Migration Online (FMO) web site provides a global community of policy makers, researchers, and students with direct access to “over 9,000 full-text documents and journal articles about human displacement in electronic format which can be searched, read online and printed as required. The documents include both recent and historical gray (unpublished) literature and research materials.”
Archived document migration from a proprietary store to a ORA-style store (Fedora/Solr) was led by by Ben OSteen and Sally Rumsey, Oxford University Research Archive (ORA), Oxford University Library Services. The preliminary interface is available here. ORA provides the store as a service to FMO with instances of Fedora and Solr included. FMO worked with Aptivate to migrate their content and to create a front end. This pilot project is intended as a demonstration of how distributed repositories can be shared in the way that very smart drive space can also be shared.