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Drupal/Fedora Module from “Islandora”

Charlottetown, PEI Canada Drupal is a popular put-of-the-box open source content management platform that meets the needs of thousands of different types of web sites from community to news portals, from corporate sites to educational institutions, and from media sites to international sites. The University of Prince Edward Island’s (UPEI) Robertson Library has added Fedora as the digital repository for a Drupal front-end to provide an easy way to build and manage repository content for use by web sites. The project web page is here:
You may download or browse the source code in the Fedora Commons subversion repository here: Register for the Fedora Commons Wiki here:
At UPEI the Drupal/Fedora combination is being used to support a collaborative Virtual Research Environment that has these open source applications at its core. Developer Paul Pound, University of Prince Edward Island, Roberstson Library explains that the Islandora module is a Drupal module written to allow the Drupal content management system to act as a front end to the Fedora Digital Repository. The module enables viewing and management of Fedora objects. This includes ingest, purge, add data stream, searching and browsing by collection.