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ORE RepoCamp Challenge Winner: “OREsome” Prototype Creates Understanding and Navigation of ORE Aggregations

Ithaca, NY  A cash prize of $2000, sponsored by Microsoft Research, has been awarded to Ross McFarlane, University of Liverpool, for his “OREsome” entry. The challenge prototypes were to focus on OAI-ORE functionality at the end-user level (e.g. in a browser) and the potential for the prototype to promote ORE within and beyond the repository community.
ORE wishes to thank David Flanders and other organizers of RepoCamp 2008 (held on 25 July 2008 at the Library of Congress, see D-Lib report) for coordinating the challenge; to Savas Parastatidis, David Flanders, Rob Sanderson and Tim DiLauro for judging the challenge; and to Microsoft Research for sponsorship.