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Dream, Learn, Build, and Network at the New Fedora Commons Web Site

Ithaca, NY Fedora Commons has grown since the non-profit organization, home of popular Fedora open source software, launched in August of 2007. To keep pace with users and developers who are participating in innovative initiatives leading to groundbreaking technical releases, as well as with those who are creating community-sponsored meeting and events, Fedora Commons is pleased to announce the release of a new homepage and a new collaborative Wiki. This new design combines direct navigation to web site hot spots at that are connected from the concepts of “dream,” “learn,” “build,” and “network,” and an open community-driven wiki content environment that had over 1,700 visitors in the first two weeks of it’s existence. The new Fedora Commons web presence is designed to get new users involved in the community quickly, and to support existing users and developers with fast access to key information. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.  Add feature requests and track bugs here.