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Mulgara 2.0.5 Released

This update release addresses an issue that appeared in 2.0.4 when building from source on Windows. A new default configuration file for mulgara-core is included allowing it to start a basic server without any manual configuration.

  • Removed a symlink that documented javacc as version 4.0. A poorly written task was trying to pick up this link as a real file, which doesn’t work on Windows.
  • Fixed the namespace map in the RDF/XML writer so it can’t accidentally use a generated URI in an export.


  • Removed unnecessary config files from the mulgara-core distribution.

New Features:

  • Created a cut-down default config file for the mulgara-core distribution.

For full details see the release notes at:
You can download Mulgara 2.0.5 at: