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aDORe/Fedora Discussion at Upcoming Fedora Day in Aarhus

Repository managers and developers who maintain large collections of digital objects over time who will be attending the Aarhus Fedora EU User Group Meeting will be interested in a BOF discussion scheduled for Sep 18, 2008 right after the DORSDL2 Workshop at ECDL 2008 (Aarhus, Denmark), or later in the evening (exact time to be announced). For the sake of this discussion focused on exchanging ideas regarding the integration of aDORe as a scalable storage repository for Fedora, “Large” starts at around 1 million and goes beyond 100 million. The BOF is being organized by Ryan Chute (LANL), Sandy Payette (Fedora Commons), and Herbert Van de Sompel (LANL). Exact location to be announced.