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New Fedora Commons Wiki

Fedora Commons has re-launched all 671 pages from the old wiki site at with Atlassian’s Confluence enterprise wiki software to continue to enable the community to work together to create Fedora’s cutting-edge open source repository framework., click on the red “wiki” button on the upper right of the web page, direct link to the new Fedora Commons wiki
You will find content that you have been actively working on in the Wiki Archive:
Panaglotis Louridas, author of Using Wikis in Software Development, reviews the history of Ward Cunningham’s early hypertext environment that was dubbed “Wiki,” meaning “quick” in Hawaiian. Cunningham’s goal was to create a system to facilitate the rapid exchange of information among members of a community. The Wiki concept has evolved to include both the notion of a program for easy web page editing, and a philosophy of openness. Fedora Commons’ Wiki environment has been used by the community to keep in touch and share information since the first Media Wiki version was launched in the spring of 2006.
The new Fedora Commons Wiki provides a stable environment for developing Fedora software, documentation and communities. The new wiki features additional personalization and development tools for communication and tracking including a feature long-requested by the community–automated account registration with “Capcha.” So it’s easy to join our community while making it difficult for spammers.
Please note that you do not need an account to read the Fedora Commons wiki–it’s open to everyone. You must register at the new wiki, however, if you want to add comments, articles, ask for help, or participate with other members of the community. Please visit the Fedora Commons wiki, and read about Fedora Commons activities and software. Better yet, please complete the simple registration process here to join online.
Feel free to experiment with the new space. Contact Carissa Smith ( with questions and suggestions for organizing the Wiki.FYI we cannot move old accounts directly from the old Wiki to the new one, so you must re-register at the new wiki. We would also appreciate your help in identifying any content that should be reformatted. Send us an email or search for pages in the Archive:, and comment on them (in the comments section on the bottom of each page).
We can create unlimited new community spaces. Please let us know what you would like here. You will find Documentation and the Roadmap in the new wiki where these documents can be easily, accurately, and transparently updated. Using the new Wiki, you will be able to comment, add your Fedora experiences to assist new users, and improve Fedora software.