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Muradora Drama Team to Change Focus

Sydney, Australia After the recent release of Muradora 1.3 that included an all-in-one installation package, Chi Nguyen has announced that the DRAMA team at Macquarie University will no longer work full time on Muradora development effective July 1, 2008 in order to undertake a new area of work. Muradora will be developed and maintained as a side project until such time as new funding can be secured for further focused development. The code and documents will remain available for download. The DRAMA team hopes that users will continue to experiment with Muradora.
Muradora is a web-based GUI for the popular Fedora repository, built using enterprise Java Spring and Struts 2 frameworks. Among common features found in a typical repository such as search, browse, self-submission, and versioning supports, Muradora enables flexible access control for end users (based on the XACML standard), inter-domain authentication and federated identity (using Shibboleth implementation of the SAML standard), and multiple metadata schema management (via W3C XForms standard).