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Collaboration Update: Fedora + DSpace

Ithaca, NY At the Sun PASIG meeting in May several interested members of both the DSpace and Fedora communities gathered to explore how the two projects might work together to benefit their stakeholders. On June 10,2008 the two groups hosted an open webcast discussion to identify ways to advance the missions of both organizations and communities through joint efforts. Subsequently collaborators from both communities have been working towards defining a set of goals and potential outcomes.

On June 17, Sandy Payette, Dan Davis, Chris Wilper, Thorny Staples from Fedora Commons and Michele Kimpton, Richard Rogers, John Erickson, Robert Tansley, Bradley McLean from DSpace met in Boston to brainstorm ideas generated by the question, “Why are people excited about this collaboration?” A full transcript of the meeting, including the list of ideas that resulted from the discussion are posted on the wiki at To share your ideas, or get involved please contact Fedora Commons.