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DSpace Fedora Discussion Tomorrow: June 10, 2008

Ithaca NY & Boston, MA Tomorrow DSpace Foundation and Fedora Commons will be meeting with a few key folks from each community to begin the discussions on identifying ways the communities can work together to advance the missions of both organizations and communities.  This will be the first in many discussions with our communities in the hopes of coming up with tangible ways to easily work together.  In our effort to make these discussions as transparent and participatory we have set up a skypecast.  Skypecast is a broadcast of the meeting available for anyone with a skype account to listen in and participate.  The Skypecast can accommodate 100 people.  In addition to the Skypecast, we will post the notes from the meeting on our wikis, and hope to have a recording of the meeting that anyone can download.
We realize the technology, language and timing to get massive transparent participation is very limited.  However, we promise to continue to make all discussions open and have multiple opportunities to voice your opinion, this being the first of many possible opportunities.
If you would like to listen in tomorrow (Tuesday June 10,2008, 1pm EDT, GMT-5 hours) , the meeting will go for 3 or 4 hours and you can log in at:
or search for DSpace at:
You must have a skype account to join the meeting and currently skypecast does not support MAC. –Sandy Payette and Michele Kimpton