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“Who is Using Fedora?”

Fedora Commons is often asked, “Who is using Fedora?” The current answer is far from accurate. Fedora open repository platform software is downloaded approximately 2,000 times each month while the Fedora Commons Community Registry lists a community of only 124 projects, organizations and institutions. The potential pool of Fedora Commons community members is estimated to be many times bigger.
Where is everybody? The answer is up to you. If you haven’t already seen the Fedora Commons Community Registry (FCCR) please take a look. Any project, organization or institution not listed that is actively using Fedora, or helping someone else use Fedora, is encouraged to “add to the list” by using the link at the top of the
to contribute FCCR information.
Sustaining Fedora Commons depends on the strength of the community that makes use of the Fedora open source repository platform. Being able to provide an expanding picture of community vitality to the world demonstrates to potential users and funders that Fedora Commons is providing sustainable technologies to create, manage, publish, share and preserve digital content as a basis for intellectual, organizational, scientific and cultural heritage worldwide. It is also important to help users of Fedora find each other in order to leverage initiatives and avoid duplication of efforts.
The next question is, “What are they doing with it?” The Registry is designed so that each entry is a link to a wiki page where each institution can provide more information about what they are doing with Fedora.
Currently the Registry is a wiki page. The next iteration will be database-driven. We are working on an access solution to make it easy for users to give themselves wiki accounts again, without leaving leaving the door open for spammers. In the meantime a wiki account for a project, organization or institution contact person will be assigned when you register. Additional accounts may be requested here.
Please send feedback about the design and function of the registry, as well as content updates here.