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Spoken Word Services Delivers Digital Audio and Visual Content

Spoken Word Services (SWS) [1] has evolved from a project in the multi-million dollar JISC/NSF funded ‘Digital Libraries in the Classroom’ Programme [2]. The project is a collaboration between Glasgow Caledonian University [3] and the BBC [4] in the UK, and Michigan State [5] and Northwestern Universities [6] in the US. Based in the Saltire Centre [7], at the heart of Glasgow Caledonian University, Spoken Word Services aims to transform and enhance learning by providing access to innovative web based tools, and to a repository containing a wide selection of digital audio and visual content.
In order to enhance access to, and preservation of, the material obtained from the BBC and other sources, SWS has for several years been using repository software–Repos [8]–developed by project partners at Michigan State University. Requirements for greater flexibility, scalability and semantic awareness led to choosing Fedora for further development. SWS are now in the process of migrating all repository content into a Fedora-based architecture.
SWS are founder members of the Fedora UK & Ireland Users Group [9] and were hosts for the 2nd group meeting in Glasgow that was held in October 2006. They are also partners with the University of Hull in the JISC funded REMAP project [10], investigating records management and digital preservation workflow using Fedora repositories and WS-BPEL.
Alongside current ‘back end’ Fedora developments, SWS is also undertaking a revamp of the ‘front end’ of its repository based largely on Muradora [11], developed by Macquarrie University in Australia [12], and now being used by Hull in the UK as well. Muradora sits alongside Fedora and supports federated identity (via Shibboleth authentication) and flexible authorization (using XACML).
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