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Muradora 1.3 Release

Sydney, AU Faceted search, all-in-one installation, RSS/Atom feeds, and a thumbnail preview and gallery view are all part of the 1.3 release of Muradora announced by the DRAMA team at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia. Muradora 1.3 is available for download at:
Muradora is a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) for the popular Fedora repository platform, built using enterprise Java Spring and Struts 2 frameworks. Among the common features found in a typical repository such as search, browse, self-submission, and versioning supports, Muradora enables flexible access control for end users (based on the XACML standard), inter-domain authentication and federated identity (using Shibboleth implementation of the SAML standard), and multiple metadata schema management (via W3C XForms standard).
More information about Muradora, including deployment and user guides, can be found at:
Notable features in 1.3 release:

- Faceted Search:
By incorporating GSearch 2.0 with Solr support, users can perform faceted searches, i.e. one can now narrow down search results based on other categories.
- All-in-one installation: There is now an installation script for Unix/Linux systems which will install all the necessary components for Muradora. The complete package is called “muradora-allinone”.
- RSS/Atom Feeds: Users can subscribe to collections (even non-public collections) and get notifications of new objects added to those collections.
- Thumbnail preview and gallery view: Thumbnails are now generated automatically for images. Thanks to the work by the MediaShelf team, one can browse and search using either the traditional listing view or with the gallery view.
Feedback from users is appreciated. Please contact Chi Nguyen with queries and suggestions.