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Fedora Commons Quick Poll 1 Results: User Gatherings

Ithaca, NY There were 21 responses to five short questions on this quick poll that asked the Fedora community for OR08 impressions, and also about face-to-face gatherings in general. The poll went out out on April 18, 2008.
A few nuggets:
1. 57.9% of respondents have attended other local Fedora User Group Meetings.
2. “Preservation and Management” and “Architecture” were tied in the “Extremely useful” OR08 session topics category with 57.1% each.
3. The winner for “In the future I would like to attend” is “A multi-day, international Focus on Fedora conference” in Europe–66.7%.
4. Fully 80% of respondents would take the time to attend either a “Using Fedora” web seminar or an “Informational Fedora web seminar.” Discussion and perhaps some additional testing?
5. 58.8% of respondents thought that Fedora Day at OR08 content was excellent.
Look for more Fedora Commons quick polls on a variety of topics. Contact Carol Minton Morris with questions or suggestions.