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Get Ready for the JA-SIG 2008 Conference

St. Paul, Minnesota The seventeenth annual JA-SIG Conference set for April 27-30, 2008 in Saint Paul, MN, Committee reminds attendees, “With nine different higher education projects represented, this is the most diverse conference we’ve ever held.” This observation is in synch with the conference theme, “Higher Education Solutions: The Community Source Way.”
Here are events and activities that you may want to participate in if you are planning to attend the conference.
Social Networking Site:
Visit the conference social networking site and preview the interests of your fellow attendees. Sign in and update your profile to indicate your own interests.
Unstructured Time:
There will be a BarCamp session on Wednesday afternoon. Bring your discussion ideas, and present them in a lightning talk.
User Experience:
For those who want to explore user-centered-design with expert interaction designers, a uCamp session is planned for Wednesday afternoon.
Dine Around:
Dinner groups are being organized for Tuesday evening. Sign up at the Dine-Around Registration Page for the restaurant of your choice. You won’t know who your dining companions are until you meet them in the hotel lobby.
Session Facilitators:
Contribute to the conference by acting as a facilitator at one of the presentation sessions. It’s easy, and you’ll earn the everlasting gratitude of the committee. Find out more at the Facilitators Signup Page.

Reception Fun and Games:

Don’t forget the PowerPoint Karaoke contest at the Sunday evening reception. Sign up to test your skills against unknown competitors.