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“Fedora Day” at OR08: Presentations Available

Southampton, UK “Fedora Day at OR08″ presentations highlight significant core and community work on issues ranging from lightweight web approaches for interoperability via Atom, SWORD, and ORE, to reports on back-end Akubra interoperability and plug-ins for heterogeneous stores. There were 27 presentations altogether. Currently 21 are available for download through in the Fedora section of the OR08 Conference Repository. More are expected, so please keep checking if the one you are interested in viewing is not available yet.
Ben O’Steen, Oxford University Research Archive, highlighted his work in developing lightweight approaches with Fedora in his presentation entitled, “The Architecture of the Oxford University Research Archive.” Read his blog here. He and two other collaborators also shared the $5,000. prize in the OR08 “Repository Developer Challenge.” Contestants had two days to develop prototypes that they presented to a panel of judges who nominated a shortlist of prototypes that were presented to, and voted on by delegates during the conference banquet. The winning team demonstrated via rapid development the use of the Object Reuse and Exchange protocol (ORE) to move things between EPrints and Fedora, coupled with some aspects of “cloud computing.”
Sandy Payette highlighted back-end interoperability in her technical overview of Akubra and the goal of being able to plug-in heterogeneous stores. She also discussed work with Sun Microsystems towards testing Honeycomb scalability and developing demonstrations that show two Fedora installations—one with Honeycomb configured, and one with Thumper configured.
Several Fedora Day attendees suggested that a “matrix” of different types of Fedora-based open source components that are part of core development, and from the community be displayed on the web site so that potential Fedora users could have access to a one-stop-shopping view of all software and services that can be downloaded or accessed, while also seeing which one’s can be used together.
A main conference session highlighted middleware for Fedora as Dean Krafft from the NSDL NCore project discussed the release on Sourceforge of, “The NCore Platform: An Open Source Suite of Tools and Services for Implementing Digital Libraries.” Lodewiijk Bogaards presented “Easy on Fedora - Experiences with eSciDoc,” in the Front Ends track during Fedora Day. This unique software creates a logic tier on top of Fedora.