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Fedora 2.2.2 Release

Ithaca, NY A maintenance release that fixes several bugs present in Fedora 2.2.1 is now available. In addition, the release includes key improvements to the journaling and policy enforcement modules. Download the 2.2.2 Release Notes for more detail.
Key improvements include:
• Policy Enforcement
Feature #1743769: Multiple Owner id Support
Fedora’s bundled XACML engine can now act on policies involving objects that have more than one owner. See Fedora Authorization with XACML for more information on configuring and using this feature.
• Journaling
The following improvements enable more sophisticated high availability configurations with Fedora. See the Journaling Guide for more information on configuring and using these features.
• RMI Support
Journal leaders/followers can now be configured to communicate via RMI.
• Multicast Support
Journaling now supports multiple followers via RMI.
• Read-only Mode
Formerly, when configured as a follower, a Fedora repository could not be exposed via API-A or API-M. Now it is possible to set a follower to be exposed via API-A.
• Miscellaneous
Fedora’s out-of-box SSL server certificate (not intended for production use) has been updated with a later expiration date, for convenience.