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NSDL Open Source Blog and Wiki “Plug-ins” Available

Ithaca, NY The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) NCore team has announced the release of an open source generic version of the NSDL Search and NDR Interactions MediaWiki extensions and WordPressMU plugins that power the NSDL Expert Voices blogosphere and NSDL Wiki. Download the plugins here:
NCore technologies and standards replace NSDL’s original metadata records-based data paradigm allowing for greater flexibility in collaborating and creating context around library resources. In the initiative’s first phase, completed in January 2007, NSDL Core Integration successfully implemented existing library services on top of NCore—a change that was largely invisible to users. Now, NSDL is leveraging what the Fedora-based NCore platform has to offer by introducing next-generation library services and collaborative tools.