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Simple Managment of Mass Data: Fedora + Sun StorageTek™ 5800 System

Santa Clara, CA “Text” was common repository digital content during the last decade. Now repositories are being designed to manage many kinds of “data”—and lots of it. Companies and organizations need mass quantities of accurate and detailed information to enable fast analysis and trend-spotting. From satellite that transmit terabytes worth of astronomical and weather data, to financial and demographic data, managing data just became easier. The Sun StorageTek™ System with Fedora, also known as the Sun “Honeycomb,” combines the Fedora Commons open source software platform with the Sun StorageTek™ 5800 System to provide a pedabyte-scale object store that greatly simplifies the task of preserving massive amounts of data over long periods of time. The Sun Solution Brief entitled, “A New Approach to Creating and Managing Large-scale Digital Archives” (pdf (175 KB)) provides an overview that explains:
• the integrated solution with proven success for large-scale repostiories at well known institutions
• how to link millions of digital objects in Fedora with capacity to seamlessly scale to hundreds of terabytes with the Sun StorageTek 5800™ System
• the high data integrity through automatic block and file level checksums and distribution of file fragments across nodes to ensure no sincle point of failure
• extreme data protection with redundant design that allows multiple nodes and drives to fail without any resultant data loss
• reduced cost and complexity of managing and administering digital archives
An emulator for the Sun StorageTek 5800™ is included in the StorageTek 5800 SDK 1.1, which is available at