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Muradora 1.2.1: Pluggable Middleware for Authentication and Authorization

Sydney, AU The DRAMA team has announced the 1.2.1 release of Muradora which is now available for download at More information about Muradora (including deployment guides) can be found at DRAMA (Digital Repository Authorization Middleware Architecture) is a sub-project within RAMP that aims to develop a web front-end for Fedora repositories, and to re-factor Fedora authentication and authorization into pluggable middleware components. Please share your ideas and feedback with the developers.
Muradora is an easy to use repository application that supports federated identity (via Shibboleth authentication) and flexible authorization (using XACML). Muradora leverages Fedora’s modularity, flexibility and scalability to form the core back-end repository, while different front-end applications (such as portlets or standalone web interfaces) can all talk to the same instance of Fedora, and yet maintain a consistent approach to access control.
Muradora and its related components are released under the Apache 2 license. An emphasis of the Muradora 1.2.1 release was to improve the software and make several new features available:
• Better support for new XForms scripts for different metadata standards
• Preliminary support of Open Journal System (OJS) dissemination styles
• Support for IMS learning objects
• Automatic thumbnail generation for images
• New administration panel for administrators to assign access control to the repository
• Statistical view of accesses to resources
A demo of Muradora can be found at The DRAMA team has also made a Live DVD containing the complete installation of Muradora and its related components available. The Live DVD may be run directly from it without having to install Muradora on a hard disk. This DVD will be available for download within the next few days from the same address as above.