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Fedora GSearch 2.0 Release Takes Advantage of Solr

Copenhagen, Denmark The Fedora GSearch team is pleased to announce the release of GSearch 2.0 for Fedora. The new release is designed to support Fedora 2.2.1. GSearch 3.0 for Fedora version 3.0, with message-based communication is currently being developed by Eddie Shin, Fedora Commons. The Fedora Generic Search Service or “GSearch” is part of the Fedora Service Framework that presents users with a service-oriented architecture approach that allows new services to be built as stand-alone web applications that run independently of the Fedora repository.
Peter Murray, OhioLink, observed in a Dec. 31, 2006, post to his blog The Disruptive Library Technology Jester, “GSearch - where “G” stands for “General” but could equally well stand for “Gert” Schmeltz Pedersen, its lead developer from the Technical University of Denmark.” Gert and colleagues Beth Kirschner, Binaya Poudyal, Blake Anderson, Boon Low, Christian Tonsberg, Eric Brown, Jun Yamog, Junran Lei, Luis Zorita, Matt Zumwalt, Matthias Razum, Michael Appleby, Michael Hoppe, Nikolai Schwertner, Patrick Monbaron, Pierre-Yves Landron, Ranju Upadhyaya, Robert Sherratt, Ryan E. Scherle, Sam Liberman, Shunde Zhang, Steve DiDomenico Thierry Michel, and Xinjian Guo regularly contribute their work on GSearch to the Fedora Commons community as well as to DEFF, Denmark’s Electronic Research Library, which funded the Fedora GSearch project.
Fedora GSearch 2.0 is a feature release compatible with Fedora 2.2.1 with improved configurability including seven new features requested by users designed to exploit more features of Solr. The Fedora System Documentation links to FedoraGSearch information that includes an introduction, list of new features, installation instructions, configuration, and additional architectural information.
The same information is available in the source download from, and after installation here.
New Fedora Gsearch 2.0 features include:
• Added a plugin for the Apache Solr search server.
• Added a sortFields parameter to gfindObjects for Lucene; sorting search results as specified; exploiting Lucene classes for sorting.
• Added optimize options for Lucene indexing; the mergeFactor and maxBufferedDocs; properties will affect performance as explained in the Lucene documentation; The optimize action of the updateIndex operation will perform the Lucene method; call IndexWriter.optimize(), which merges all segments together into a single segment; optimizing an index for search. The optimize() is no longer called after each updateIndex.
• Added parameters to the indexDocXslt parameter of the updateIndex operation, enabling the transfer of param values into the indexing stylesheet.
• Added untokenizedFields property to Lucene files. Adding the property with a list of all untokenized fields will ensure that they all select the appropriate analyzer.
• Added properties snippetBegin and snippetEnd, making highlight code configurable.
• Added property for custom URIResolver used by xslt transformers for basic authorization and SSL, see the example dk.defxws.fedoragsearch.server.URIResolverImpl class.
• Removed encoding of special characters in indexFields. Snippets now show special characters without modification. Indexes should be reindexed.
For examples, see the file in configTestOnLucene/index/TestOnLucene. Download here.