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AVAILABLE: The January-March 2014 Quarterly Report from Fedora

From The Fedora Steering Group

The Quarterly Report from Fedora
January-March 2014

Fedora Development - In the past quarter, the development team released two Alpha releases of Fedora 4; detailed release notes are here:

• Fedora 4 Alpha 4 Release

• Fedora 4 Alpha 5 Release

These two releases bring us much closer to the Fedora 4 beta release. Features of note include enhanced file system federation, support for transactions, improved authorization, more versioning features, support for reindexing external search indexes and triplestores, and many other improvements. In addition to these features, a great deal of effort has been put into improving the test coverage and overall performance of Fedora 4. We encourage the community to download and install Fedora 4 (a one-click installer is available) and test out the new features.


In 2013 DuraSpace raised $413,833 in sponsorship dollars earmarked for Fedora. The funding target for Fedora sponsorships in 2014 is $500,000, and though the fundraising campaign begins in May, $25,000 has already been raised in the first quarter of 2014. The new Fedora Product Manager, working with the Steering Group, will coordinate the effort to expand the pool of Fedora Project Sponsors and hit the funding target for this year. This year DuraSpace is transitioning from a sponsorship model to a membership model and members can direct their funds to a specific project. Fedora Project Sponsors should direct their funds to the Fedora Project.


In late January the DuraSpace organization announced that David Wilcox accepted a position with DuraSpace as the product manager for the Fedora project effective February 17, 2014. In his role as product manager for Fedora David works closely with the community and steering group to set the vision and long term roadmap for Fedora. David joins Fedora technical director Andrew Woods as dedicated Fedora project staff.

Community Engagement and Outreach

In the past quarter, developers have continued to hold daily meetings in conjunction with development sprints, as well as weekly Fedora committer calls attended by the broader community.  A Fedora User Group meeting was held in Washington, DC in March, along with the annual DuraSpace Sponsor Summit. Members of the Fedora Steering Group also represented Fedora at the third plenary of the Research Data Alliance in Dublin at the end of March. Several participants at this international meeting expressed interest in Fedora 4.

Upcoming Conferences

The Open Repositories 2014 Conference will host a number of Fedora presentations, along with a dedicated Fedora Interest Group track, in June.