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Getting the Most from a Robots.txt File in DSpace

From Bram Luyten, @mire

Heverlee, Belgium  Do you get the most visibility from your Google interaction where 50% of your DSpace repository traffic comes from?
@mire has deployed a prototype of a free tool that can analyze a few SEO properties for your DSpace repository. More precisely, the tool takes a look at your robots.txt file and gives you an analysis of how robust your robot.text file is on the web.
You can access the tool here:
If the tool identifies certain problems, you can find more information at:
This tool was partly developed at the Open Repositories 2014 Developer Challenge. A short slidedeck about the tool is available at:
If you have any suggestions for this tool, please feel free to send them. We intend to extend this tool with a few more tests in the future.