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Fedora Presentations at Open Repositories

Paasitorni Congress Hall, Helsinki
OR 2014 sessions in Paasitorni Congress Hall, Helsinki
From Andrew Woods, Fedora Project Tech Lead
Winchester, MA  You can find links to three Fedora presentations that were given at this year's Open Repositories Conference in Helsinki on this wiki page:
• The first, "Fedora 4 Deep Dive," presents details about the current status of Fedora 4, along with details of the recent Spotlight integration (David Wilcox, Chris Beer, Andrew Woods).
• The second, "Fedora 4 as a Shared Linked Data
 Repository for the AIC Collections," is a 24x7 describing the repository system that the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) is designing over Fedora 4 (Stefano Cossu).
• The third, "Bringing Together Resources Using Fedora 4," is a description of exploration done at the University of Virginia in rethinking opportunities for an existing collection in the context of Fedora 4, with an emphasis on the Filesystem Projection capabilities (Michael Durbin).
Recordings of OR2014 conference sessions held in the Paasitorni Congress Hall may be found here: