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DSpace CRIS from Cineca and Hong Kong University Highlighted at OR2014

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From Michele Mennielli, Cineca

Bologna, Italy  The Open Repositories 2014 Conference was held in Helsinki from June 9-13. More than 400 attendees from all over the world gathered to discuss the future of Repositories. One of the most important and interesting topics discussed during the event was CRIS (Current Research Information System) which is a solution that allows for the description and tracking of important entities, such as projects, grants, patents, organization units, researcher profiles (people), etc. in order to integrate and contextualize these entities along with publications. CRIS adds value to each individual piece, in terms of visibility and discoverability, to raise awareness of the total research picture.

Many of the presentations and posters at the event were about a very specific CRIS solution–already well known within the DSpace Community–called DSpace-CRIS, developed by Cineca and Hong Kong University. The Open Repositories  2014 Conference was a good opportunity to present the release (available for download) of the first 4.x version of the DSpace-CRIS (based on DSpace 4.1). The major changes from the previous release are:

• Upgrade to DSpace 4.1 and to the bootstrap layout also for theDSpace-CRIS pages; upgrade to Hibernate 4;

• Full support for Oracle (tested on 11.g R2 and 12.c), other thanPostgreSQL 9.x

• Easier installation process.

In the spirit of open source, we hope that this DSpace-CRIS module will receive wide adoption in the DSpace community, that many will find it useful and that others will build on it. We are always looking for new partners and collaborative opportunities. We invite whoever might be interested in such activity to contact us.