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Webinar Recording Available: Meet the VIVO Project Director

On June 25, DuraSpace presented, “Meet the VIVO Project Manager,” a webinar introducing the community to Layne Johnson.  In this 1-hour webinar Layne shared his professional experience and spoke in depth about the responsibilities of his new position and what lies ahead for VIVO.  He detailed the elements of the VIVO Charter, the various governance roles and how each accomplishes the overarching goals of VIVO and ensures its sustainability, and discussed his vision for the future.

The webinar recording and presentation slides are available at

Additionally, Layne would like to hear from you. Layne is interested in your comments, suggestions and questions that will allow him to better serve the VIVO community.  We ask that you please take a minute to introduce yourself and share your VIVO related thoughts at  

We encourage you to join your colleagues who have made the strategic investment to support VIVO by becoming a member of DuraSpace.  Your membership allows you the opportunity to influence decisions to shape the future of VIVO providing financial support and participation in the governance of VIVO.  Learn more about the DuraSpace Membership Program at  

Feel free to contact Layne Johnson at for additional information.