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DuraCloud at Goucher College

Winchester, MA  Goucher College has preserved its history on women’s education through its own documents, yearbooks, photographs, catalogs, and newsletters since this pioneering women’s college was founded in 1885. The problem was that Goucher College's rich history was hard to share with wider audiences. In 2011 the need for a digitization program was recognized and digitization efforts began.  As the collection grew in size and popularity access, management and storage issues emerged.

Does the need for more space, better access, and guaranteed integrity for valuable digital assets sound familiar? Without a dedicated library IT staff Kristen Welzenbach, Goucher College, tells the story of how and why her institution settled on DuraCloud as a solution for maintatining a secure but simultaneously shared space in the cloud where the health of their files would be maintained. Read the DuraCloud Gouncher College customer profile here.