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From the VIVO Director’s Chair. Unfettered. Unfiltered. Unrivaled.

From Layne Johnson, VIVO Project Director

Winchester, MA  I’ve been meaning to start this blog for some time, but until now, the time just didn’t feel right.  I was awash in unfamiliarity.  I knew only a handful of people from the VIVO Community, I wasn’t familiar with much of the technical jargon, I was uncertain about my leadership role, and simply put, I just wasn’t ready.
But now all of that is beginning to change. I’m beginning to recognize voices on teleconferences.  I’ve identified “go-to” people to help answer my questions.  I’ve begun to understand our priorities.  And most importantly, I’m starting to get to know many of you and experience what I consider to be one of VIVO’s greatest strengths: the unselfish nature of the VIVO Community and the unfettered willingness to share and help others.  It is with this backdrop that I introduce to you From the Director’s Chair.
Why this blog?
I’ve come to realize that there are so many moving parts associated with the VIVO Project that it is next to impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on.  That’s a bit scary, considering that my full-time job is all things VIVO, which might lead one to conclude that I see and hear it all.  Not so.  My thinking is that if I have a difficult time keeping up with all of VIVO’s activities, how do others in the VIVO Community keep apprised of what’s happening?  My hope is that this blog will serve to communicate VIVO Veritas. Yes, that’s right. This forum should serve us by communicating truths about the current happenings related to VIVO.
What should you expect 'From the Director’s Chair'?
You should expect a weekly installation on on Monday mornings. You should not expect a restating of the obvious.  You should expect to be involved – I will encourage contributions from our community. My first guest blog will include a feature by Ted Lawless from Brown University.  I really have no idea what Ted might share with us, and I will have no hand in that. What my guests share with you will be untouched by me.  You should expect content to be unfettered, unfiltered, and unrivaled.
I commit to you that posts From the Director’s Chair will be short and sweet.  They will be passionate.  They will be from the writer’s perspective.  They will be fun.
Your comments and suggestions are important and encouraged.
If you like what you read here, great!  If you don’t, I’ll need to know about that.  Have a question about something VIVO-related and want to see it addressed in the blog? Just let me know.  I’m only an email or tweet away: Layne at or @Layne Johnson.
See y'all in Austin (VIVO/SciTS Conference 2014, Aug. 6-8)!