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Digital Preservation Services Highlighted in POWRR Report

DuraSpace cloud services deliver simple, low cost and effective digital preservation value.

Winchester, MA  The recent POWRR white paper entitled ‘From Theory to Action: Good Enough Digital Preservation for Under-Resourced Cultural Heritage Institutions’, was eagerly downloaded more than 1,000 times in the first 48 hours after its release. The suggestion that ‘good enough’ digital preservation without bells and whistles will do for institutions with scant resources is an idea that resonates with many organizations looking for simple, low cost and effective ways to get the job done. The report presents a comprehensive comparative analysis of a wide array of available digital preservation tools and services.

Download the report here (pdf):

The POWRR approach to evaluation of digital preservation tools and services answers four basic operational questions: is it straightforward to get content in; is it easy to understand and document; can people actually use it, and; what kind of care does digital content receive once it is “inside”? In Figure 2 on page 7 of the report these questions are broken down into five universal aspects of a digital preservation system:  Ingest > Processing > Access > Storage > Maintenance, while noting that three robust solutions Preservica, DSpaceDirect and Archivematica + DuraCloud currently “do it all”.

Each digital preservation tool or service that was analyzed for the report (Archivematica, Curator’s Workbench, DuraCloud, Intenet Archive, MetaArchive, Preservica) was reviewed by at least 3 of the POWRR institutions’ campuses.

Analysts noted DuraCloud’s ease-of-use, quick customer service and competitive pricing: “DuraCloud has open pricing available on its website. We have found their pricing to be very competitive, with options for storing 1TB of content with 2 cloud storage providers for under $2,000 per year (as of May 2014).”

Along with the caveat that “one solution will not rule them all” recommendations for under-resourced institutions included, “….investigating Archivematica, with an eye to using DuraCloud or Amazon Glacier as a back-end storage solution.” The recently announced DuraSpace and Artefactual partnership will deliver just that—a DuraCloud + Archivematica end-to-end digital preservation service for universities, archives and cultural heritage organizations.

If your organization would like to learn more about Archivematica + DuraCloud please contact Michele Kimpton ( or Evelyn McLellan (, or complete the inquiry form at To learn more about DuraCloud or DSpaceDirect contact Carissa Smith (, or complete the inquiry forms at:


POWRR (Preserving (Digital) Objects With Restricted Resources) is a project that investigates, evaluates, and recommends scalable, sustainable digital preservation solutions for libraries with smaller amounts of data and/or fewer resources. POWRR is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and led by The Northern Illinois University Libraries in collaboration with a board of advisors and partner libraries at Chicago State University, Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Western Illinois University.