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Contribute, and Learn More About the New Features in DSpace 5

Peter Dietz, Longsight, on behalf of the DSpace 5.0 Release team

Independence, OH  The DSpace 5.0 Release Team is working on another exciting release of DSpace in the works that has been growing steadily over the past few months. Many contributors have been busy adding new features and improvements to DSpace. This speaks volumes to the maturity, stability, and future of DSpace, that as the software project approaches its 12th year, we're still going strong. Read on for ways to help contribute, and find out the new features in DSpace 5.

The full release schedule is here: 

October 6: Deadline for Feature Pull Requests

In plain English, October 6 is the last day you may submit new features for acceptance into DSpace 5.0. If you are working on a new feature for DSpace, we urge you to prepare a Pull Request now. Getting your work visible early as a Pull Request allows others to review, and help steer your contribution to inclusion in the next release.

Here’s how:

Other Important Dates:

• October 31 5.beta-1 - Release Candidate 1

• November 03-14 Testathon (mark your calendar)

• November 20 5.beta-2 - Release Candidate 2

• December (mid) DSpace 5.0 Release

Of course, this also means we have a large pile of pull requests which need review, and other features that have been contributed but should still receive plenty of testing. We’d like to take a moment to call a few of those out, as they represent features we know are important to the community. If any of these features “speak to you” please consider pitching in with the review and testing work.

The complete list of pull requests is here:

Six great new features in DSpace 5

We couldn't choose just 5 great new features in DSpace 5, here are six great features you should take a look at:

DS-1461/DSPR#591 Batch Import Items from ZIP through UI:

DS-1582/DSPR#629 Metadata for all DSpace objects (not just items):

DS-2061/DSPR#568 Linked Open Data for DSpace:

DS-2049/PR#612 ORCID Integration:

DS-2052/PR#587 Mirage2 Responsive Theme:

DS-2108/PR#615 Google Analytics Statistics viewer (page views and downloads):

There are also many more great proposals for DSpace 5. The status page has a full listing of things that we hope would make it in, contributions welcome. Lastly, we are still looking for more people to join the Release Team. Responsibilities include attending weekly developer meetings, reviewing pull requests, and ensuring requests get proper feedback and testing.