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Fedora 4.0 Update: Fall 2014 Outreach and Training

From Andrew Woods, Technical Lead for Fedora 

Winchester, MA  Members of the Fedora team have been engaged in outreach and training at multiple community events around the globe this fall.

David Wilcox recently represented Fedora 4 at PASIG [1], RDA [2], and the Fedora Users Group in Karlsruhe [3], while I participated in HydraConnect2 [4]. We followed that with the inaugural Fedora 4 training workshop that was coupled with a D.C. area Fedora Users Group meeting [5]. Last week, I held a day-long Fedora 4 training workshop that directly followed the Islandora Camp in Denver [6]. Next, David is on his way to eResearch Australasia [7] where the Fedora 4 training workshop will see its third run.

These training [8] events are invaluable in funneling community feedback into the project as well as moving the repository conversation forward. Fedora 4 training videos are now available on YouTube:

Additionally, we are in the midst of a strong push towards a 2014 Fedora 4.0 release. With a focus on getting a robust Fedora 4.0 in the hands of the community, we have taken the approach of removing non-required and under-developed features along with bringing the REST-API more strictly in line with LDP [9].

The features/capabilities that *are remaining* in the Fedora 4.0 release are:

- admin console
- fcr:fixity
- fcr:backup/restore
- fcr:export/import
- content modeling
- filesystem federation
- fcr:sparql
- fcr:tx - transactions
- fcr:versions
- external search and triplestore
- HA clustering
- authorization - role-based and xacml

The following features have been *removed* from the initial Fedora 4.0 release plan:

- fcr:batch
- fcr:identifier
- fcr:properties
- fcr:namespaces
- fcr:search (internal/admin field search)
- fcr:sitemaps
- fcr:workspaces
- audit listener - moved module to fcrepo4-labs
- dc-generator - moved module to fcrepo4-labs
- policy-driven-storage - moved module to fcrepo4-labs

The only item in the removal list above that is explicitly in the 4.0 Feature Set [10] is "Policy-Driven Storage". The current implementation would not support a production scenario, and is one of the few places where we leak a non-JCR, ModeShape-specific capability.

For those of you who are currently integrating with the Fedora 4 REST-API, please see the updated documentation [11].