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DSpace-CRIS News from CINECA

From Michele Mennielli, Cineca

The University of Milan is the first Italian University where the new CRIS developed by Cineca is now running in production.  IRIS (Institutional Research Information System) is Cineca’s new solution based on DSpace and DSpace-CRIS, that offers additional functions such as advancing reporting, strong integration with research offices' workflow and broad interoperability with other systems and management services.  In the next 6 months 65 Italian Universities will start using IRIS and with it, DSpace and DSpace-CRIS.

We are delighted to see an increasing interest for DSpace-CRIS within the community.  There are several new installations that are currently being implemented:

We wish our best to these projects and renew the availability of Cineca to provide advice and support.

Last, but not least, in November Cineca will be working on the release of DSpace-CRIS version 4.2.  The installation made for euroCRIS will be updated to 4.2 at that time.