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PARTICIPATE: DuraSpace Projects Launch Leadership Group Elections

Winchester, MA  DuraSpace’s open source projects—DSpace, Fedora, and VIVO—are officially launching the nominations phase of the Leadership Group elections to expand the community's role in setting strategic direction and priorities for each project.

New Project Governance

As each DuraSpace project transitions to a new governance model this representative, community-based model includes several governing groups with various levels of responsibility (identifying project strategic direction, setting project roadmap, establishing project budget, etc.). Eligibility to serve in project governance is determined by participation in the DuraSpace Membership Program, incrementally enabling member organizations who have made the greatest commitments (financial or in-kind staff commitments) to participate directly in the project. It is NOT TOO LATE to become a Member and participate in project governance! Click here for or more information on how to become a Member. And for more information about the new governing groups please visit the DSpace Governance, Fedora Governance or VIVO Governance pages.  

Leadership Group Role

Individuals sitting on the Leadership Group play a key role in setting the strategic direction and priorities of each project through:

  • Approval of the annual budget allocation

  • Approval of the project roadmap

  • Establishment of the community direction

The Leadership Group will be comprised of individuals from organizations that have contributed $20,000 or more annually to the project (or more than $10,000 for DSpace), and representatives from institutions contributing in-kind resources at approved levels. Institutions that have contributed at lower membership levels will also be given an opportunity to serve on a Leadership Group through annual elections based on policies that are customized by each project. In this election process everyone in the community (both from member organizations and non-member organizations) can have a voice—by nominating candidates for the Leadership Group from the pool of eligible member organizations.

Leadership Group Nominations

Beginning today, we invite anyone in the DSpace, Fedora or VIVO communities, member or non-member, to nominate an individual who you believe would be a good representative of the community.  All nominees must be from DSpace/Fedora/VIVO member organizations that qualify for elections (for full lists see here: DSpace MembersFedora Members or VIVO Members). Typically, Leadership Group candidates have fiscal or staffing responsibility within their organizations and are able to allocate resources.  And of course, they will, in your judgment, be able to bring commitment, creativity, and dedication to their role as a member of a Project Leadership Group. Self-nominations are welcome and you may submit more than one nomination. Please submit your nomination/s using this form by November 7.

Next Steps

At the end of the nomination process anyone nominated will be asked for a brief personal statement, which can either be emailed to or posted directly to the DuraSpace wiki. Voting will be based on membership levels and will take place before the end of November, with each member organization’s Community Liaison casting a vote for candidates based on the direction of their management. We will send additional instructions at the start of the election period later in November.

If you have questions about the new DSpace/Fedora/VIVO project governance or the nomination and election process please contact Jonathan Markow <>.