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DSquare Technologies–New DuraSpace Registered Service Provider for DSpace in India

Winchester, MA  Earlier this year DSquare Technologies [1] opened its doors to provide libraries, businesses and government agencies across India and beyond key DSpace support services and innovative end-to-end repository solutions including add-ons to DSpace functionality. The DSquare goal is “to create work that is honest and solutions that are exploratory, educational and inspirational”. DSquare is the first DuraSpace Registered Service provider based in India.

“Doing business in India requires an understanding of both the market and cultural practices around sharing information,” explained DSquare Technologies Director, G Rajendran, We are a source for useful information and open source applications as institutions and businesses look for ways to manage and provide access to their digital content.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a clear digital access mandate by promising to deliver one-stop government services using citizens’ mobile phones as delivery devices by 2019 as part of the Digital India Project. [2]  DSpace UI support for tablets and smart phones means that DSquare customers know that their digital content will be accessible to the public via soon-to-be ubiquitous personal digital devices. Recently a Biometric Attendance System requiring government officials to register their presence at their offices was put into place. [3]

“The Business climate for repositories in India is good. There is a lot of digitization going on as well as large repository implementations such as the Supreme Court of India (  and the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (,” explained G Rajendran.

National interest in leveraging access to rich Indian cultural and scientific resources in support of economic development and innovation is at the heart of the Digital India Project [4]. DSquare Technologies provides needed services to a potentially large market of institutions and businesses looking for ways to provide access to digital resources in DSpace repositories. DSquare serves customers in an end-to-end manner starting from providing 1) Consultancy for understanding Business Needs and drafting solutions, 2) Customizing, Implementing and Supporting DSpace along with innovative add-ons and 3) providing Document Digitization and Digital Microfilming Services.

DSquare Technologies Services

Working closely with potential customers allows DSquare to customize complete solutions that can include basic education, instrumentation, digitization, data migration and specialized customizations.

DSpace allows repository managers to see the results of their efforts right away. Indian clients like the ability to see published works immediately while at the same time having the ability to control usage. Ongoing repository technical support is also part of the DSquare menu of services.

DSquare offers basic preservation techniques such as digital microfilming and data back-up and restore to enable preservation best practices and content security. A look into the future suggests that an economical hosted repository service would make it even easier for DSquare to support a growing number of DSpace repositories in India.


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