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The DSpace 5.0 Testathon Begins Nov 10, 2014–Users/Feedback Wanted!

From Hardy Pottinger, DSpace 5.0 Release Team Member

The first Release Candidate for DSpace 5.0 will be made available for testing on November 6, 2014New features of interest include:

For all UIs:

• Batch import from Zip files uploaded via the admin interface of either UI
• Easier Database upgrades, thanks to the inclusion of Flyway, an open-source database migration tool
• A feature-complete REST API, supporting both read and write operations
• Linked (Open) Data support
• Metadata for all DSpace Objects
• Improved thumbnail generation (via ImageMagick/Ghostscript)
• Google Analytics integration now tracks "downloads" of bitstreams
• A place to add third-party plugins

For JSPUI only:

• HTML5-based drag and drop upload interface for uploading bitstreams during submission
• Per-item configurable visual indicators for browse and search results

For XMLUI only:

• Mirage2 theme, utilizing many modern web design tools and technologies, facilitating a "responsive" web design, adapting to any screen size
• ORCID integration via an authority plugin, and a new authority cache
• Serpa/Romeo lookup
• Rendering MathML code in abstracts
• Error pages (including page not found) are all styled with your own site styles
• Collection drop down box performance improvements for repositories with a large number of collections
• (Optional) ability to generate citation cover pages on PDFs
• An aspect for adding Google Analytics web usage information to item pages

There's much more. Please see full list on the Release Status page at:


Hi, sorry to shout at you, but now that we have your attention, please do plan on testing the release candidates of DSpace 5.0 on your own infrastructure. We'd like to minimize the surprises on the day that 5.0 is officially released, and the best way to do that is with your help. If at all possible, please consider testing DSpace 5.0, to ensure it is compatible with Oracle. Ideally, this would mean testing a new install, and an upgrade. Thanks!

We've really improved our Oracle testing capabilities during this release process, and that's something that makes me particularly proud. But, setting pride aside, we still need your help to test DSpace 5.0.


If you are willing to translate DSpace message catalogs into another language: the 5.0 catalogs should be nearly stable now.


We plan to tag RC1 on Thursday November 6, 2014.  There will be another announcement when it is ready for download. If you would like to try out the next release of DSpace in your own test environment, please do, and tell us what you find.

The 5.0 Testathon begins on Monday, Nov. 10, 2014 and continues through Nov. 21.  RC1 will be available on You can try it out without installing your own instance, and your feedback would be appreciated. Look for the red Feedback button to report issues with the demo site.

As always, if you really want to get your hands dirty, you can spin up your own testing instance of DSpace using Vagrant-DSpace:

The actual use of a software product is always more varied and surprising than the developers and maintainers imagined.  Please help us ensure that DSpace 5.0 will do what you expect. Thanks!