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Fedora 4 Almost Out the Door: Final Community Opportunity for Feedback!

From Andrew Woods, Technical Lead for Fedora 

Winchester, MA  Fedora 4 Beta-04 will be released before this coming Monday, November 10, 2014. The development sprint that also begins on November 10 will be focused on testing and documentation as we prepare for the Fedora 4.0 production release.

The next two weeks are your opportunity to provide feedback prior to the production release!

• Please review the features that you can find in Fedora 4.0.

• You will also find a rich REST-API.

• If you are looking for capabilities to try, you can start with any of the pre-defined acceptance tests:

It is important that the community test out this release to ensure that the capabilities align with your expectations. If you would like to try out the Beta-04 of Fedora4 in your own test environment, please do, and tell us what you find. Alternatively, the Beta-04 will be available at:

You can try it out without installing your own instance. Your feedback would be appreciated.

The actual use of a software product is always more varied and surprising than the developers imagined. Please help us ensure that Fedora 4.0 will do what you expect it to.